"A fight over the young madam"

'I can't believe you are in such a sort of job.'

She whispered to my ear.

She was standing so close to me even I could smell her scent.

I just smiled and kept silence.

'Tell me, why are you?'

She whispered again.

She had been put her arms around me.

I liked the way she whispered, and the breath that tickled my ear.

I was in job, but I thought I may have some fun.

'You can imagine, madam.'

I said without telling her any clues.

'Hmm...you need big money for your sweetheart, don't you?'

She said staring into my eyes.

'I like your idea, madam.'

I liked her beautiful green eyes, too.

'Hey, tell me why.'

She held me tight, then put her head on my chest.

That was not bad.

I was beginning to like the young madam.

However, I couldn't hug her back.

Both my arms had been very busy that time.

A guy had clutched both my hands and have tried to push me out of roof.

I didn't know him.

He was a guy who've been stalking the madam long time.

He was staring into my eyes.

He had eyes with rage, pain and grudge.

I was sure he thought I was a lover of the madam.

Standing between me and the guy, the madam was by my side.

But actually I was just a local cop and didn't have any relationship with her.

He wouldn't have listened my explanation, anyway.

The guy had a heck of strength and I could barely prevent him.

We were standing on the edge of the roof of building.

Honestly I was scared, but I had the madam besides me.

I had to save her life as my job.

'Madam, may I give you some advice?'

I talked to the madam who was hugging me.

She looked up at me innocently.


'I suppose you better get away from here while me and this guy are wrestling each other.'

'I can't.'

She whispered to my ear again.

'But why can't you?'

'Because, I love you now.'

The strength the guy had got stronger.

Also the strength madam hugged me did.

We were on the edge.

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